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Welcome to eVolution-is.com ........ The corporate web site of eVolution Information Systems

eVolution Information Systems Limited was incorporated to provide a personal and unique technical computer consultancy service for organisations that primarily depend upon Novell, Microsoft, Citrix and Cisco for their core computing architecture. eVolution Information Systems is a UK-based organisation eager to increase it's UK business and to expand it's operations worldwide, especially  into New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

To assure you of our dedicated management and technical focus on your IS projects, eVolution guarantee, unlike other IT computer consultancies, only to contract to a single client organisation at a time, consequently there is never a conflict of interest between competing clients for our valuable technical and managerial expertise. A true One2One business relationship.

eVolution provides technical consultancy resources for the key IT services required to design, implement, integrate, manage and evolve computing environments to adequately meet the computing demands of today, whilst retaining the essential flexibility to satisfy the unknown requirements of tomorrow, without wholesale changes to the underlying computer architecture.


Project Management & Implementation

eVolution provides a professional Project Management technical consultancy service for the implementation of your strategic IT projects.

The corporate objective of this service is to implement quality value-added products and services into client organisations which exceed specification, are delivered at or below budget and within the mutually agreed timescale.

All Project Management Consultants assigned to client organisations have been formally trained in PRINCE, CRAMM, SSADM, Microsoft Project and Hoskyn's Project Manager Workbench [PMW].


Systems Integration

Today's heterogeneous computing environments necessitate the integration of multiple platforms into a single cohesive systems architecture.

eVolution provides technical consultancy resources to effectively integrate mixed Novell, Microsoft and Citrix computing environments to appear as a single homogeneous system.

This transparency is achieved by deploying appropriate tools and techniques to integrate mainframe, client-server models, thin client server-based computing and diverse desktop clients to interact seamlessly.


Server Clustering

Server clustering is essential in today's business environment, in order to provide the high availability of services required to support 24x7x365 production operations. This high availability requirement encompasses network operating systems, application services and LAN/WAN network resilience. Today's computing architectures must be designed within an infrastructure combining High Availability, Manageability, Flexibility and Cost Effectiveness.

eVolution provides technical consultancy resources to effectively implement Novell or Microsoft Cluster Services, Citrix Server Farms or CheckPoint server load balancing to provide a high availability computing architecture within your organisation.


Corporate Training

eVolution specialises in the preparation, design and delivery of customised one2one and in-house vendor-based training modules for Novell, Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco, CheckPoint and Nokia.

Additionally, eVolution also provides non-certification training on a wide variety of desktop applications and operating systems of your choice and the rapid development of bespoke training modules for any type of strategic software deployment within your organisation.



Network Design

eVolution provides technically qualified MCSE, CNE, CCA and CCDP/CCNP Engineers to design, install and maintain all Microsoft, Novell, Citrix and Cisco network systems.

Whether your requirement is for Remote, Small Office/Home Office [SOHO], Branch Office, Head Office, Campus LAN, Corporate LAN or WAN [Intranet, Internet, Extranet], then eVolution can design, configure, implement and maintain a cost-effective, secure and flexible ethernet network to satisfy your specific requirements.



Network Management

Following the design and implementation of your chosen networking architecture, eVolution can maintain, manage and configure your servers, switches, bridges and routers to maintain optimum networking performance.

Qualified Novell Engineers can manage and configure NDS/eDirectory on your Netware Servers. Microsoft Engineers can design and implement Active Directory Services or domain-based directory services on your Microsoft NT 4.0, 2000/2003 Servers and Citrix Engineers can implement load-balance server farms, application publishing and diverse ICA clients to the desktop.

eVolution Information Systems


Network Security

eVolution provides technically qualified Cisco [CCDP/CCNP], CheckPoint [CCSA/CCSE] and Nokia resources to design, install, configure and maintain Stateful Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks [VPNs], Intrusion Detection Systems [IDS] and Intrusion Protection Systems [IPS].

Firewall/VPN products include CheckPoint VPN-1/Firewall-1 NG, on a variety of operating platforms, and the Cisco PIX security platforms. Intrusion Detection systems include OPSEC-compliant products and integrated IDS/IPS systems including ISS RealSecure and CiscoSecure products.


Network Storage

The demands for Network Storage has always been an integral part of an enterprise network infrastructure. The explosive growth of data storage, together with corporate awareness of data management issues, has resulted in the establishment of new and emerging technologies to successfully handle current demands and to provide flexibility for future growth.

eVolution provides technical consultancy resources to effectively implement a variety of Network Storage solutions into your organisation including Directly Attached Storage [DAS], Redundant Supply of Inexpensive Disks [RAID], Network Attached Storage [NAS], Storage Area Networks [SAN] and the emerging technologies of iSCSI [IP Storage] and Tunneling of Fibre Channel [FC].


Website Downloads

To provide hard-copy information from this website, eVolution have provided a Microsoft Word formatted document for each of the 10 major sections for you to download at your convenience. The download information provides specific details of each of the technical consultancy services currently available from eVolution Information Systems.

The following downloads are available from the main navigation bar 'Website Downloads' : 1-Home Page, 2-Company Profile, 3-Project Management, 4-Systems Integration, 5-Server Clustering, 6-Corporate Training, 7-Network Design, 8-Network Security, 9-Network Storage, 10-Current Curriculum Vitae.


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